Ex-Googler launch rival search engine

Anna Patterson’s sold her search engine to Google in 2004.  Now she’s left Google and started another search engine, this time its not for sale.

If you visit CUIL (pronounced cool), you’re find a new interface, something the other search engines would not venture from.

While I’m not impressed with CUIL, there are some fundamentals that make sense.  SEO today is shady in my opinion, with strategies and tactics that I know to dupe the search engines.  They don’t put enough value on the actual content of a site, something CUIL promises.

CUIL also claims to be the largest of the search engines, with 120 billion pages indexed, while as last check Google indexed half as many as that, and MSN is 1/10th.  While 120 billion pages indexed, I was least impressed when I searched for Los Angeles Courier Company and didn’t find a single courier company on the front page!

While Google has become so synonymous with searches on the Internet, it may no longer matter how good CUIL or any other challenger really is.  Google has 62% market share this month.

The world of SEO has not changed much in recent years.  The fundamentals still work.  I think this rival will change a few things.  I believe the SEO community and industry will slowly move back towards traditional means…effective marketing….to increase rankings.  Who would have thunk….


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  1. Palapple says:

    Thanks for sharing. Search engine optimization is indeed one of the most crucial areas in Internet marketing, it is a perfect bridge between technology and business.

  2. Jazajay says:

    I don’t know Scott I honestly think give it a year for them to iron the bugs out and it will easily rival Google. It’s a shame there release date wasn’t 2009 as they have a bit to work on but overall it does work for some queries and works well, saying it’s not based on, links per-say it’s good.

    I just hope that people don’t right it off for cuil.com ‘s mistake of releasing it way to early.

  3. Gerald Weber says:


    “Thanks for sharing. Search engine optimization is indeed one of the most crucial areas in Internet marketing, it is a perfect bridge between technology and business.”

    You left the exact same message on my blog.

    It’s good to know that you leave the exact same messages on all SEO blogs.

    Should I be concerned about blog spam?

  1. Google Rivals - Page 6 - EXPERTS ADVICE FORUM says:

    [...] Ex-Googler launch rival search engine July 28, 2008 Anna Patterson

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