VIDEO: SEO is Marketing – and ONLY Marketing

This is the argument I’ve argued for years, in fact since I first learnt about ‘social book marketing’ and all the other ‘so called’ SEO strategies. How about article marketing, does it still work? Try debating that one.

Isn’t article marketing creating a piece of content and effectively getting it distributed to prospective buyers?  So article marketing turned into a system, with article spinning and off shore writers with little subject knowledge.  Massive aimless distribution killed the system and devalued most links.  On Occasion, an article would hit a home run and go viral, increasing link love.

So Article Marketing done the way we used to do it, in the old school world of Marketing, still works well, and will always work well.

Bottom line the SEO strategies that can be related to marketing are the ones that work. Squidoo lenses work, if they are quality lenses and naturally would get shared on a social network let’s say. Create a good lens, and have you local chamber of commerce showcase it, those are good links with value.

Check this out. This is what the American Marketing Association describes marketing.

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.(Approved October 2007)  

WOW! This is exactly what we do for SEO!!! Maybe if we looked as SEO as Marketing, we’d need not the latest fix against Panda or Penguin.

I learnt most of my Organic SEO skills from my friend Dan Thies. He’s got this killer, FREE video and FREE course. It’s a MUST. 

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