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“The Hottest Business Opportunity of 2012…”

Hey, Scott Gallagher here. I’ve been running my own local marketing business since 2005 in Algonquin, IL. “Local Marketing” is the act of selling Internet marketing services to offline businesses. It is, bar none, the hottest business opportunity to come along in years.

Why? Three reasons.

  1. Since the downturn in the economy, offline businesses are desperate for new leads and sales.
  2. The Internet is the New Source of leads and sales for offline businesses.
  3. 80% of offline business aren’t using the Internet to get new business.

So that’s where you come in. As a local marketer you have the solution for 80% of offline businesses! You will provide services that funnel online traffic into offline business …for monthly fees paid to you. As you will see, learning these services is NOT hard. There’s no hype here. No systems. No previous experience or technical know-how required and no programming.

In the free video, you’ll find out some great techniques to find, attract, and close local marketing clients.  Stuff that I’ve learned over 20 years of sales, 8 years of running an agency.

Stay close, I’ll also teach you how to deliver this scalable service, and give you my ‘Review Acquisition System’ that you can drop right now into your client’s business, and watch their reviews come from their own customers!!!


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